Marimba & Percussion - Magdalena de Vries

Voice - Magdalene Minnaar

Rituals are found in our everyday lives, but is also traditionally found in purifications, rights of passage and celebrations of significant life events. The term 'ritual' also indicates formalism, traditionalism, rule-governance and performance - all of which are found in the practice of classical music.

Celebrated South African performers Magdalene Minnaar and Magdalena de Vries are both musical rookies who constantly strive towards creating new performance styles, challenging both their art-form and their artistry. With the financial help of the National Arts Festival they have commissioned eight South African composers to write new works for marimba/percussion and soprano on the theme of 'rituals'. The theme was open for interpretation by the composer, and he/she may choose the text and instrumentation. These new works are performed alongside existing pieces by established local composers (both living and deceased), spanning over a century of indigenous history. By commissioning these works they are creating a wealth of new works to benefit the ever-growing legacy of original South African music.

The audience will form part of the ritual, influencing the order of the programme by drawing numbers during the performance.


  1. 1.Amy Crankshaw "Die Dans van die Reen"                    

  2. 2.Laura Stevens "A certain lady"    

  3. 3.Kesivan Naidoo "Transform"

  4. 4.Ilke Alexander "Repeat Until…"

  5. 5.Andile Khumalo "Human Cries"

  6. 6.Dawid Boverhoff "Seven bowls of Tea"

  7. 7.Braam du Toit “Wegwees”

  8. 8.Neo Muyanga “qhukezwa”

Existing works:

  1. 9.Priaulx Rainier "Cycle. for. declamation."

  2. 10.Adrian More "Pula"

  3. 11.Hendrik Hofmeyr "Variazioni sopra una ninnananna africana (Tula Tula)"

  4. 12.Peter Klatzow  "Inyanga"

TOTAL: 50 minutes



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